How It All Began-My Inner Journey
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017
By Sequoia Miller
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How It All Began-My Inner Journey

My Inner Journey-Life Transformations began with the life transforming saga of my own divorce, grief, sadness, pain and loss and my slow awakening that transpired. The realization that my own personal journey represented the deeper emotions of humanity and connected me to other people who were also facing their shadows, helped me to see that I was not alone. In the winter of 2012 I entered a week long intensive retreat a husband and wife therapy team, along with a group of 12 participants. The week was devoted to deep healing, awakening, emotional opening, and dreamwork. As I witnessed my own emotions unfold deeper than I had ever experience before and saw the vulnerability of others, I felt a deep desire to photograph this experience. I wanted to take it outside of closed walls and into the world. I began by photographing myself with my tripod, wearing my wedding dress. This process took 5 years. 



Along the way, I met people who's stories touched me and who related to the power of imagery and the desire to express the more difficult emotions of anger, grief, sadness, loss. These feeling are easy to want to avoid we find so many distractions through work, food, sex and busy lives. With help and time and a lot of personal work, I found my awakening looked differently than I thought it would. I can wake up each morning and know I feel freer, lighter and happier than I ever did before, and for this I am eternally grateful for facing the dark shadows and getting to know my own fears intimately. 

My love of nature, especially water is represented in many of the photos. Water also represents emotions. In the dream work I did with Robert and Diane, I often dreamt of  water and of being immersed in it. That was when I learned that water in our dream world represents our emotions. One reaccuring dream I had was of standing at the edge of a cliff, or falling down the face of a cliff in slow motion, sometimes I would fall into water. The cliff of course represented the giant leap of faith I was taking in following through with my divorce.

The whimsical clothing and props come from the fantasy of every little girl to create and to live in a world of wonder. 



Many of my friends also experienced divorce and other life transformations I was there to capture the many facets of  the journey of life. In working with each woman, together we would talk about how it felt to feel the feelings of the story that needed to be told. Everyone has a story. I share these images with great honor of the woman who opened up and allowed themselves to be  vulnerable and real and to be seen for the beauties that they.

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